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Goober and the Peas

Goober and the Peas are a two-piece alternative rock band from San Francisco. They formed in 1995 and released their first full-length album, The World, My Heart and the Art of Money, their self-titled debut single in 1997. The follow up to that single was In Three Easy Pieces, the following year. The duo of Goober and the Peas has been around ever since; making a name for themselves as one of the best independent bands to come out of California.

Goober and the Peas

First off, they are truly one of the most enjoyable bands to listen to. This is due to their unique sound, which is rooted in folk, rock, country, and more. The band has maintained a fairly steady reputation since their formation. They’ve had some good reviews coming from all sorts of reviewers. As of late, they have enjoyed great success as they have continued to tour the country. Although their group doesn’t maintain the classic “squeeze fit” image many bands of their type do, they do maintain a solid and upbeat sound that they have developed over the years. That being said, I can tell you that while I’m not really a fan of this band, I do enjoy some of their songs and enjoy the way they play.

They also really did improve upon their live performances from time to time. Their group is definitely fun to watch. Their live shows are definitely very exciting and a blast to watch. The band is also well liked by their fans; and is certainly one of the favorites of those who enjoy alternative music. While they might not be the best at the melodic folk rock style that they play, they sure are good musicians and really are worth checking out if you have an interest in doing so.

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