What is Aspera Software?

Aspera is wonderful software designed to move critical files and data of various sizes at high speed over existing infrastructure. At this age, companies can send, receive, and process data at a great speed. This is very important for any business.

For any business to succeed, it should be able to send and receive data fast and reliably. This movement of information could be internal or to the cloud if not to the partners or customers. But why is data sending becoming so difficult? These could be the challenges facing data transfer:

The huge growth in the size of data that should be moved, the proliferation of mobile, social, and cloud technologies, and data & files that should be moved over long distances on strict deadlines may come across numerous transport challenges.

These issues are more sensitive for industries such as life sciences, legal, financial services, media and entertainment, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. You must admit that these industries deal in huge data sets. And if that data does not reach the targeted destination fast, their success would be compromised.

The IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer Solution

This is a solution that can help you deliver huge data files by overcoming the challenges mentioned above. It helps deliver the data and files at a very high speed. For example; data that used to be delivered in about 24 hours, it can now be successfully delivered in just 30 seconds.

Aspera FASP™

This is one of the protocols used by Aspera, which can easily handle extremely huge files over a wide area network, ensures maximum transfer speed, and ensures the predictability of data transfer performance across any distance.

This solution fully supports many clients, cloud interface, API, and high workflow. It can integrate large data files with your new and the existing procedures in your business. Besides, it will offer visibility, security, control, and even synchronization to ensure you meet your enterprise needs. Because of these capabilities of the Aspera, companies are able to achieve the following; move large files and sets of data to and from the cloud fast, reliably, and even securely. They are also enjoying the improved speed of process synchronization across physical supply chains and digital channels. It has helped in fostering collaboration by offering high-performance distribution and synchronization of huge data sets.

It does not matter whether the data or file is from a device, application, or a person. This solution can help increase the speed at which the data is delivered. Aspera can also be used in API management, messaging, and integration of applications.

Key Benefits of IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer

If any company deploys this solution, they will leverage the following benefits; 8x advancement in network bandwidth utilization, faster mobile uploads- approximately 3 x, 100x increment in speed especially over FTP, and 66 per cent reduction in image transit times.

Besides, due to the use of the Aspera solution, companies have made some achievements. Some of these achievements include;

  • They have saved time in digital production processes.
  • They have saved costs that result from direct to cloud data transfers at speeds which are rated yet over extreme distances.
  • Companies have witnessed a reduction in operational and capital equipment costs.
  • Firms enjoy test products faster, design, and even develop them since the process of generating reports and analyses is fast and reliable.


Your company can only leverage the various benefits of Aspera connect by using the service. The faster delivery of large sets of data and files has really helped the business achieve a lot that they could not if they never had the solution. So, do not be left out. It is now the right time to employ this solution in your business.